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Stephen Rosenbaum was born in 1961. He is an American visual artist and supervisor. He won two Oscars and two BAFTA awards for his contributions to Forrest Gump and Avatar. He also played an integral role in films such as Jurassic Park, The Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and many others.

Rosenbaum started her career in Visual Effects at the Lucasfilm’s Effects Division Industrial Light & Magic in 1989. The previous members of this department established a new company called Pixar. This new group of artists got their first chance to make a computer-like character when James Cameron asked them to create a water creature Pseudopod for The Abyss. In Terminator 2, the band has expanded the artist’s base to create one of the first digital human characters. The artists continued to succeed in animating dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park.

Rosenbaum spent several years on various projects at Veta Digital, and in 2007 he started working on Avatar Avatar, which is the most watched movie of all time in theaters. In 2010, Rosenbaum was hired by Digital Domain to launch a group that is in charge of animation development. Rosenbaum’s great honor was in 2014, where he directed the creation of a virtual Michael Jackson posthumous performance of an unpublished live song on the Billboard Music Avars of 2014. In addition to all of these performances, he was nominated for the Emi Award for the most watched show in a hit. In addition to being engaged in the film industry, Stephen has been working as a writer and has written for now a book “Curation Nation: how to win a World where consumers are creators.”