Steven Rosenbaum’s Curation Nation

„Curation Nation gives me hope for the future of the Information Age“

„Rosenbaum argues for the growing importance of people creative,smart, hip who can spot trends, find patterns, and make meaning out of the flood of data that threatens to overwhelm us.“
                                                                                    Daniel Pink, Author:
                                                                                    Drive’ and a ’A Whole New Mind’


Steven Rosenbaum

Curator. Creator. Collector

Steve Rosenbaum has been working with Curated Content since he created the groundbreaking hit MTV UNfiltered in the pre-web days. Since then, he’s been a storyteller, filmmaker, and executive at media and web properties. He’s produced films for HBO, A&E;, National Geographic, CNN, MSNBC, and Discovery.

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  • gkb

    "Curation, not creation, is king and Rosenbaum shows you why and what you can do with this knowledge. This is a great piece of research and analysis."

    Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of Alltop and author, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions
  • gvcit
    "Read this book. Embrace Curation - and you'll be ready to "Crush It" with your focus and passion in the noisy new world of massive data overload."
    Gary Vaynerchuk, Author: 'Crush It'
  • ph tony
    "In Curation Nation, Rosenbaum provides a wealth of real-world examples of how businesses can use the web to give their customers a valuable curated experience."
    Tony Hsieh, author: 'Delivering Happiness' and CEO of Zappos.com.

TEDx Grand Rapids

In a world of bandwidth and content abundance, we’re overwhelmed with data, tweets, blogs, check in’s and media. It used to be we surfed the web. Now the waves of the web are just too big. Curation is the new magic that makes the web work. Bringing the web back to human scale with human filters you trust and love. A powerful mix of passion and context turns noise back into signal. Speaker Bio: Steven Rosenbaum — Author: Curation Nation. Steven in an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and curator. As the CEO of the web’s largest Video Curation Platform, Magnify.net — he provides a realtime curation solution that powers more than 86000 sites, including NY Magazine, New York Magazine, Mediaite, and The Week.com. Increasingly, curated content is powering ecommerce, brands, and organizations like Patagonia, National Wildlife Federation and RocaWear. Rosenbaum created MTV’s groundbreaking user-generated series MTV UNfiltered, a pre-web television project that handed cameras to young storytellers. Since that time he has built a career finding, organizing, and contextualizing stories. Rosenbaum’s work in media includes filmmaking work as an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker. His film “7 Days In September” gathered more than 500 hours of video around 9/11 — creating a curated journey through the eyes of 28 filmmakers and citizen storytellers. Rosenbaum’s vision of curation is the subject of his book Curation Nation (McGrawHill / Spring 2011) engages with more than 60 thought …

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