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Curation is more of an idea than technology. The book gives some history about where the notion of Content Curation, who was the first curator of the text, and how the birth of the cable fortress led to the preservation. She also mentions several curators on the rise, such as the Huffington Post. The most talked about is the consumer conversations that are curative and have a big impact, such as the famous Dell Hell and Comcast Must Die campaigns.

The concept that really distracted me was to see Ludacris, one of the most famous music artists, also a curator of content. Another idea I’ve encountered is that broadcasting can be for everyone, and now with tools like Facebook and Twitter you can further increase your reach. You do not need a huge organization or a lot of money to get a designer and share a message. Steven says he has access to the issue

Three major business perspectives

Another unique mention is how brands can smoke their customers. I suppose you will have to read “Curation Nation” to get a little understanding.

Some people think aggregates like vampires, but just like Steven, I agree with the opposite. There is a lack of attention. He explains that Rupert Murdoch accuses people who chase like thieves, and Mark Cuban calls them vampires. It is interesting that both have made part or most of their wealth from Curating content.

It also lists three major business perspectives for curating: publishing, advertising, and syndication. A key part of understanding business perspectives is to identify three sources of content:

– The content you make

– The content of your visitors

– Content that agrees to create your own website

The best advice that goes with what I tell my clients and clients is that if you want to set up a content strategy, you need to make the following two following priority items: are you a content source I can trust and the content is not to fill up a website.

The topics I would like to be able to recommend a bit more was where he linked Finance, Curation, and Privacies. Where on the simplicity of privacy is binary or partial or not. On the financial side of Steven and I, we agree that the consumer has everything he needs. It’s just a matter of time before everyone is working with the right tools