What is “Curation Nation”?

Curation is a new magic that makes the web functional. Returning the Web in a human scale with human filters that you believe in and love. A possible mixture of passion and context turns the sound into a signal. In 2011, Stephen Rosenbaum wrote the Nation Turaion: How to conquer the world in which consumers talked as things. Although the audience is predicted for a profitable Internet upcoming, the book offers a good base in the breadth of the arena for content maintenance. Ariana Hufington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post, calls Rosensbaum “the evangelist for transforming the power of the bitch who rightly acknowledged the possible creations of respectful rules.” Curation Nation is a book that combines love with a true believer with clear practice, and the result is a necessary guide to locking new media the world.

What writer wanted to tell us?

Rosenbaum does not intend to make it as a manual for storing sateria. You will not find any steps or look like a guide to the benefits of creating your account. It’s a task or a comparison of key features of Scop. Instead, it provides a valuable basis for the importance of publishing a publisher device, a trademark – virtually any reminder that hopes to launch an established web venture.

Rosenbaum begins to describe what is shaking. Kure, he claims, was developed for “our need to get information in a coherent, reasonably contextual grouping. The Onlinet Etymologist verb describes the root of the term “girl” as “care, pause, management”. Indeed, when considering the curator of the museum, for example, painting an individual who takes special care of his collection immediately comes to mind. In the same way, the curator of the core takes responsibility for designing the content that he records on the Internet, providing a careful collection for the other.

Rosenbaum talks about a large number of stories in her book and introductions with numerous footage. One of the nicest definitions of this new curator’s work is that it is divided by Rohit Bhargava from the Manifesto / Jab Description of the Concentrant Tutor which says: “The future of a social web will be introduced by these Curators who have themselves collected them to collect and operate the most beautiful online sessions for another to consume and take on the role of editorial editors, they announce to the vast are the compilation of content created by others. ”

Bloging is back

Through several early chapters, Rosenbaum illustrates the history of the courier discussing various types of cracking, from Devi Decimal to Reider Digest to Huffington Post to Shahn Collins, who leads one of the largest online conferences in the advertising industry. This makes fun reading and expanding the content of the content viewer, taking into account details about how best to use Stoop. It loads a blog item from the entire web and instead gives us the opportunity to compare and consider a great picture of information and how to create and It’s expanding in the world.